Yi Bing Gong Zhi

Yi Bing Gong Zhi

By Dr. Mia Ting-I Li L.Ac M.Sc

Being a TCM practitioner, my philosophy in patients care and professional practice is 醫病共治 Yi Bing Gong Zhi “Doctor and patient co-treat the diseases and illnesses together .” In my professional practice, I always educate my patients to the importance of Yi Bing Gong Zhi, co-treating the diseases with the doctor from the very first consultation. Patients need to understand how important their roles are in the healing process. With the determination from the patient plus the dedication from the practitioner, this Doctor-patient collaboration in fighting any illnesses and treating any diseases would surely achieve the most tremendous and powerful outcomes.

TCM treatment is the real, remarkable holistic therapy. From physical to psychological, from exterior to interior, from life, to social, exercise,work, diet, sexual activity, and much more, TCM treatments focus on the whole of a person, it not only improve the conditions but also restore a healthier mind, body and lifestyle for the person. In this co-treating, collaborating relationship, first the TCM practitioner has to provide a professional,safe and calming environment for the patient to feel comfortable and to build up the trust relationship to discuss all the matters. Second, the practitioner must be able to listen to the patient carefully and find out more details relating to the illnesses,and understanding the whole picture clearly in order to provide and explain the better treatment plans and recommendations to the patient. And the important duty of the patient to co-treat their own illnesses with the practitioner is to trust the practitioner, be positive, understand the treatment plans and goals, follow the recommendations and orders. Third, the practitioner must follow up and adjust the appropriate treatments for the changes on the patient, and make sure the patient is positive and expecting the improvements, whose mind and body is ready for the renewed health conditions and able to maintain it with the healthier lifestyles. Practitioner must always recognize the patient’s hard work and improvements, always encourage and praise the patient on the route of heeling.

I believe that without the patient’s efforts inputted into the healing process, the improvement of the treatments would be really limited and fleeted.

The good collaboration between patients and practitioner is the best way to expedite and optimize the treatments of the diseases.