Personal Health Care

In Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine Clinics, we provide you with Health care and treatments holistically. We exam and evaluate your health conditions and complaints based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory- “Yin Yang and Five Elements, body’s meridians, Qi, Xue, Jin, Ye,” and we use “Wang, Wen, Wen, Che” Observing, Listening and Smelling, Consulting, Pulse Taking….etc Chinese Ancient Techniques, supposed with the latest technology and medical reports, then we diagnosed and worked on the most appropriate treatments plans and discuss, explain to the patient to cooperate and maximize the results of the treatment.

Based on ones’ evaluation and diagnosis, we may schedule you a few treatments according to the diseases progressed and prognosis. Our holistic treatments may include Acupuncture (with or without electrical stimulation and Moxibustion), Cuppings (Air, Fire, or bamboo Medical steaming types)Scraping, and TuiNa medical messages. We may provide you dietary suggestions and rehabilitating exercises to improve your conditions. We may also recommend and prescribe you Chinese herbal Medicine for more severe and complex diseases.

In Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine Clinics, your personal information and medical records are totally secured. We respect and protect your confidentiality.