Weight Loss classes and treatments program

Weight management has been the top topic in the pass decades till now world wide. Focusing on  managing our body weight is not only for more pleasant appearance, most importantly it also relates to our health conditions. Research shows majority of over-weighted people suffering from chronic diseases, Cardiovascular conditions, physical chronic pain, and conditions of the reproductive systems and even increase the risk of getting cancers.

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine Clinic focus on finding out exact reasons of abnormal body weight and fat on the individual and combined whose health status to apply the best treatment plans and holistic therapies to help whom easily lose weight and regain health in the same time. We teach how to manage and maintain your healthy body weight by your unique constitution. We also teach how to build up a healthy life style, diet and exercise habit which suit the individual the best, and we help you in understanding how diseases may be stimulated by ones over-weighted body to reach the goal of further diseases prevention.

Our holistic treatments emphasize on the improvement of our internal organs and blood vessels’ function and health, reduce physical accumulated fat and eliminate toxic waste substances in our systems. The corresponding classes would cover all the knowledges you need to know during and after weight loss process and strengthen your mind set to support the healthy psychological status to build a healthy happy life.

For some people who only have local fat over-accumulated, our physical drug free treatments can effectively reinforce the related meridians, free the flows to melt the local fat and reduce the size.