Acupuncture uses acupuncture fine needles placed gently on to our pressure points of the diseases-related meridians to address the Qi flows, to reinforce the right Qi which defense and eliminate pathogens, and stimulate self- healing progress. It boosts our immunity to prevent future diseases in the same time.

Chinese herbal medicine treatments and supplements draw from a pharmacopocia of thousands of herbs. Practitioners may describe one herb or multiple combinated herbal formula for each of specific condition.

Moxibustion uses the dried leaf of mugwort (Ai-Ye) rolled into a stick to placed on the end of needles, then burned as a warming herbal therapy using during the Oriental Medicine treatment. This unique warming herbal therapy can powerfully stimulate the energy flows, dispell internal congealed cold and reinstalling our healthy body function.

Oriental Nutritional Therapy uses the specific foods and diet plans to strengthen, rebuild and balance the body function to heal and prevent abnormal health conditions and diseases.

Qi Gong is the practice of energy flows by practicing specific movements and breathing. Qi Gone exercise in Oriental Medicine is used to improve self and other’s health and vitality.

Electro-acupuncture treatment uses a special current device to stimulate the certain Acupuncture points-pairs on the diseases- related meridians which facilitates the flow of Qi and subsidies the symptoms and pains.

Gua Sha uses the gentle scraping technique on the skin surface by using the tool of Gua Sha to increase the circulation and metabolism on the skin ,muscles and ligaments layers.

Cupping Oriental Medicine treatment uses the materials of glass, plastic or bamboo cups to create a vacuum strength in order to increase the healing process by bringing circulation and nutrients to the local area.

Tai Chi is also Known as the martial art. Practicing the specific movement exercises with regulating the breathe and energy flow that help develop harmony and balance and promote the maximum health status.


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