Windows of Heaven

Sky Window points are a set of acupuncture points drawn from the Ling Shu – Yellow emperor classic

Generally they are not popularly used points, although some systems of acupuncture utilize them to a greater degree than others. The basic functions of the points are to improve the flow of energy between the head and the rest of the body. The points can be used for local issues such as neck pain, but also more complex issues such as multiple sclerosis and dizziness for example.

The points are used extensively within the Tom Tam Healing System for a range of conditions such as MS, Parkinsons, Brain Tumors, etc. – in essence to facilitate the smooth flow of Blood and Qi to and from the Brain.

The points and their clinical indications are as follows:

  • ST 9 – regulation of blood pressure, headaches, chest tightness
  • LI 18 – regulation of blood pressure
  • TH 16 – sudden deafness, vision disturbances
  • UB 10 – neck pain, occipital headache, wind-cold invasion
  • LU 3 – neck pain, goiters, depression, asthma, grief, coughing of blood
  • CV 22 – throat/vocal cord issues, aphasia, asthma, chest tightness
  • SI 16/SI 17 – throat issues, goiters
  • GV 16 – wind-cold invasion, dizziness, tremors, headache, eye issues, aphasia
  • PC 1 – reflux, hiccups, chest tightness, breast issues, insufficient lactation