What should I expect while receiving Acupuncture treatments?

In Dr. Mia’s clinic, right after the consultation and discussion of the procedure and treatment plan. We may suggest you to use the restroom to empty the bladder for more relax and better treatment results. You may clear out anything, anyone, or any device which may interrupt a good treatment. Focusing on yourself is more important in this moment.

We will take you into the treatment room and direct you to change and get ready for the treatment discussed. The practitioner may palpate some relative points to finalize the points selection. The practitioner will clean who’s own hands and your skin of selected points before acupuncture needles insertion.

After completing all selected points, you may relax, rest, sleep or meditate with the needles retention for 15-30 minutes (depend on the conditions and involvement of the meridians.) Try not moving around, keep still and relax.

Once the target needles- retending time is up, we will remove the acupuncture needles and dispose them right away. If there’s no other additional treatments, you may keep laying few minutes or stretching a little before you dressed and leave.

Find your practitioner before you left for more informations, notes and the follow up date and time of the treatment.