What should I expect while I am taking herbs?

There are many different forms of Orental Medicine, medical formulas and supplements. You may discuss with you Oriental Medical Doctor to select the better one to meet your needs. The common formations of TCM Herbal Medicine are as below:

Fresh Raw Herbs are many the non-toxic fresh leafs, flowers, stalks, roots of the herbal plants. Some may be the peels, cores or whole of the fruits. There might be other raw herbs collect from the natural substances as well.

Processed Dried Herbs are the processed, cooked and de-toxic dried herbs from the fresh raw herbs. Processed dried herbs are mostly stronger in function and better on storage purpose.

Herbal Tea Bags are made by selected dried herbs which are the ones lighter in nature and mostly aromatic which can’t be cooked for long.

Herbal Powder is made by processed dried herbs grinding into the form of powder.

Herbal Granules are made by the pre-cooked decoction-herbal tea, covert into the formation of granules. The granules herbal medicine can be stored years and it is one of the most popular form in the l modern society.

Herbal decoction is made by the required TCM herbs with the certain procedures of cook. It may involve hours of boiling time with certain orders and cooking methods.

Herbal Tea Pills is made by the concentrated herbal decoction. Which are easy to carry and easy to take everywhere and anytime. It’s the most acceptable form in western and modern society.

The formations of the Herbal medicine may affect the function and absorption to different symptoms and diseases. According to individual’s illnesses, your Doctor of Oriental Medicine may suggest and prescribe different format of Herbal medicine or different combination of herbal medicine and formations for the specific needs.