What should I be aware of while I’m taking herbs?

1. While you are taking prescribed herbs from your Oriental medical doctor, who may suggest you with certain diet plan to boost the function of your herbal supplements. On the other hand, your Oriental medical doctor may suggest you to avoid certain type of foods and diet to prevent slowing down the healing process. For example, taking the herbal medicine for gastrointestinal problems, your Doctor may suggest you to reduce greasy, creamy, oily foods and daily products to enhance the absorption and the function of the herbs.

2. After you starting taking the herbal medicine, you may feel more energized, and you may experience some other small issues of yours might be improved prior then your main complaint. It’s because of these small issues are caused by the same roots of your illnesses and your chief complaints. These progress shows that your root of the problems as well as the symptoms are all on the good healing process. For example, patients taking herbal medicine for chronic physical injuries may aware that whose constipation and indigestion or migraine and headache are gone at the same time. Or, the patients who are taking herbal medicine for irregular menstruation may realize their energy levels, sleeping quality and skin tone and hair quality all have been improved.

3. You should try paying closer attention to your own health conditions changed, and trying to statement and report the changes to your Oriental Medicine Doctor on your very next visit, it’s helping your Oriental Medical Doctor to adjust your Herbal prescription, enhance the improvement on your stage of health.