What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical procedure using ultra fine pins inserted into the body. It is drug free, safe and effective to relief pain, reduce swollen and inflammations on western science perspectives. It is also one of the  major component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM based on Dao the universe and Yin, Yang theory, Five elements and Meridians, Qi and Blood, Jing and Ye to correct and improve ones’ health conditions. In China and lots of Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan …etc, it is also used for treating a wide range of other complex conditions and severe diseases included Neurological, Cardiovascular related, psychological, physical, Gynecological, Dermatological, and much more illness. It also has been successfully used to replace anesthesia on major and minor surgery procedures.

Dr. Mia’s Acupuncture Treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory – Dao (Yin, Yang) and Five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) with Meridian channels theory (Qi, Blood, Body Fluid) combined Tungs’ extraordinary points theory and Muscular Anatomical theory . According to the individual-disease’s progress and severity and depth, we selected the most suitable and powerful acupuncture points combination to cure the disease. And that’s why Dr. Mia’s treatments always so targeted and effective. High percentage of our Patients reported outstanding improvement on every session.

Dr. Mia’s Acupuncture treatment is Painless and enjoyable. Majority of the patients fall in to deep sleep and feeling relax and peaceful during the 20 minutes needle retention. Our treatments not only curing diseases but also improving ones’ immunity and harmonizing whose body and mind.

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine clinic Only uses high quality and qualified sterilized single-use disposible acupuncture needles and steriled clean needles technique protocol to minimize discomfort needles sensation and risk of infections and maximize the healing result.