TCM Acupuncture and Dry Needling

TCM Acupuncture V.S. Dry Needling By Dr Mia LAc MSc
I had lots of patients gave me feeds back saying my treatments were so different and effective compared with what they experienced from their Chiropractors, Physical Therapists or Family Doctors. And the same time, I acknowledged lots of my fellow colleagues are grouping to against the bills to approve non – TCM practitioners to use acupuncture needles in their scope of practice world wise.
We all learned that acupuncture can really treat and improve numerous diseases and conditions. And that’s why so many health care providers are excited to use it. But, in fact, Dry needling which is just using acupuncture needles to treat injuries based on the theories of Anatomy is extremely dangerous.
TCM acupuncture treatments are based on TCM foundation – Dao, Yin, Yang and Five Elements, Meridians Channels theories to select the points combination and depth. Which may also use some other supported TCM treatment methods like Tuina, Cupping, Scraping, Moxibution to treat diseases.
Only using Anatomy knowledge without TCM theory to do acupuncture could be very harmful. For argument says, one’s condition may caused from wind cold invasion. The pathogens are located on very superficial areas. If the practitioner needles this patients deep in to muscles and ligaments layers may direct the pathogens to go deeper into who’s systems which may cause the issue progresses worse and more severe.
Second, there are quite some points to reduce temperature. On the specific cases of wind cold may create more cold and make the symptoms more aggressive.
Third, there are some points on our shoulders, hands, legs and body can trigger our energy flow downward. Practitioners based on anatomical theory might use them to reduce muscle pain very often. But the scary part is these downward functioning points may cause miscarriage or lowering energy which is extremely dangerous for women ,elderly or weak patients.
Fourth, in one muscle, it might contain the routes of a few meridians which relate to our internal organs. The Dry needling practitioners without proper TCM foundation training might trigger some points creating new problems to a patient unawares.
I do see how amazing acupuncture can do through my 12 years practicing, and I would strongly recommend all medical providers to learn TCM knowledge before starting using acupuncture needles.