Star Points

Ma Danyang’s 12 Star Points

Point Name Translation Meridian Location Indications According to Ma Danyang’s Song
Zusanli Three Miles ST-36 swollen belly, cold stomach, intestinal noises, diarrhea, swollen leg, sore knee or calf, injury from cold, weakness or emaciation, parasites, aging
Neiting Inner Courtyard ST-44 chill in the hands and feet, hatred of voices, skin rashes, sore throat, continuous yawning, toothache, intermittent fevers without appetite
Quchi Crooked Pond LI-11 aching elbow, hand cannot close, arm very weak, throat closes up, repeated or persistent fevers, severe lesions over the whole body
Hegu Joining Valleys LI-4 headache with a swollen face, malarial fevers, burning then cold, tooth decay, nose bleed, lock jaw and unable to speak
Weizhong Middle Equilibrium BL-40 lumbago, especially when severe and leading up the back, aching muscles which cannot extend, rheumatism which returns irregularly, knee stiffness
Chengshan Receiving the Mountain BL-57 severe back-pain, hemorrhoids, bowel difficulties, swollen ankles and knees, repeated or continuous tremors or aches, cramps and spasms
Taichong Supreme Rushing LV-3 sudden fits and convulsions, swollen throat or breast, both feet unable to walk, all types of hernias, cloudy mist in front of the eyes, aching waist
Kunlun Kunlun Mountains BL-60 spasms and pain in the tailbone, difficulty in breathing, fullness in the chest, being unable to walk or even step out, painful movement
Huantiao Jumping Circle GB-30 lower back pain, rheumatism aggravated by cold or damp, pain running down from thigh to calf
Yanglingquan Yang Mound GB-34 swollen knee accompanied by numbness, one-sided pains due to cold, inability to raise the foot, sitting or lying as someone old and weak
Tongli Penetrating Within HT-5 stammering and stuttering, distress, irritation, palpitations, limbs go heavy, head, face, and cheeks turn red, lack of appetite and expression
Lieque Narrow Defile LU-7 migraine, the whole body lifeless with wandering pains, phlegm incessantly blocks above or in lockjaw