Shen (Mind)

Shen (Mind)

By Dr. Mia LAc MSc

Shen (Mind)

In TCM we treat Shen- the mind prior than any diseases. Why and how do TCM practitioners do it?

Shen is the spirit of our Heart and Brain in TCM. Shen can be an individual’s complexion, attitude, spirit, mind set and psychological status. While a practitioner attempting to heal ones’ diseases who must treat the patient’s Shen first. I would explain  this way: if someone’s physical body is come in to my clinic, lay on the treatment table but whose Shen is not completely ready to be treated or not ready to get the improvement and start maintaining the healthier conditions, or not ready to have a new healthier life schedule, life style, diet and exercise then all the treatments and efforts we put in will be wasted.

Shen need to get ready with the physical body: Shen – the spirit need to get ready for the renewal health status, no more sick body and tiring mind from the sickness. Shen- the mind set need to get ready for the new lifestyle and diet, no more unbalanced schedule causing the impact to health. Shen – the psychological status need to be positive to eliminate all negative thoughts to support the positive energy “right Qi” though out our body.

These are the brief explanations why our TCM practitioners pay extra attention to Shen and treat the Shen prior while facing patients and their diseases. 

As a TCM practitioner, I always find out a lot more, understand more about my patients. Weather they are direct or indirect to the diseases I am targeting, but to see a clear picture why and how does the patient has the certain conditions which is compulsory.

The second step I always approach would be communication. To explain what is the certain diseases and syndromes we are facing and how to deal with. Patient need to know exact how to cooperate with the practitioner and play their role well to eliminate the disease and never let it occur again. That’s what I said getting whose Shen ready.

Diseases occurred for a reason, it might be congenital, it might not be. But the condition of any disease can be improved, as long as we ( the practitioner and the patient and their family) are ready to make enough effort.

For the patients, are you ready to be healed as the whole? are your Shen ready?