Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture Therapy has been widely used on treating all sorts of major and minor diseases, disorders and pain. Bio-science experiments proved that scalp acupuncture insertion can change the cerebral blood flows and hormone secretions. Therefore scalp acupuncture treatments has been successfully used on treating central nervous system related disorders and many neurological and physical related conditions. Balancing disorders, muscles movement dysfunctions, abnormal body sensations, Post stroke muscular atrophy, abnormal muscle twitching and tremors… etc conditions are remarkably benefit from scalp acupuncture treatments. It also being used to treat malfunction and under-development of brain and bones. There are many different scalp acupuncture schools developed in the past decades. Zhu’s scalp acupuncture school, Jiao’s scalp acupuncture school, Fang’s scalp acupuncture school, Tang’s scalp acupuncture school, Lin’s acupuncture school and of course the scalp acupuncture based on Regular and Extraordinary Meridians Theory. Although these scalp acupuncture schools are somewhat the same but different, but they are well known and popular in medical fields. However, most of our Oriental medical doctors and Acupuncture practitioners are really satisfied with the healing power and treatment results. Therefore the scalp acupuncture techniques and treatments from different schools are all frequently applied in our practice. Related report and article: