Root and Branches of the Diseases

Root and benches of the diseases

Dr.Mia LAc MSc

What is the Root of a disease? And what are the branches? I often explain to my patients that  when they told me their night sweats is stopped, or their insomnia is gone, or if their headache is never occurred ever since they came to see me, etc. after the first treatment or two. These amazingly cured symptoms are the branches (syndrome) of whose illness. And if we don’t treat the root of these particular conditions properly, these seems gone symptoms, branches of the diseases will be back again sooner or later. These unresolved Roots also explained why some patients’ conditions might be on and off repeatedly if whose practitioner didn’t treat the real Roots.

Clinically, when we are treating patients with years of chronic conditions, we often cure lots of symptoms and conditions prior than may or may not the chief complaint, which depends on if the Chief complaint (the reason they came to get helped) happened to be the Root or Branches of the diseases. And that’s also why even if one’s Chief Complaint was resolved, TCM Doctor might still need to give more treatments until the Root was cured.

Diseases are just like tress, the older the tree is the deeper and thicker the root will be and more branches they will grow!! In order to cure the Root of the diseases, it’s highly recommended to listen carefully to your TCM practitioner and do your best to follow and cooperate for the best outcome.