Points and Functions

Acupuncture Points 

There are 361 Primary Acupuncture Points and 68 Extraordinary Points in our classic TCM Text Books to treat different diseases. And there are more than few hundreds magic pressure points and Extraordinary pressure points from other schools of theories. Like the famous Master Tung’s acupuncture, Reflexologist acupuncture, Mirroring acupuncture and also the experience points collections from practitioners. They were highly used and succeeded in treating all different types of problems and illnesses.


The function of acupuncture points are various.  In general saying, stimulate the points can trigger the blood flow in the local  area pacify the local pain. And distally, trigger the neurological connected points can relief the coresponding blood stagnation and neurological pain. Points may also connect to certain organs and functions of some organ systems, therefore stimulate these points can correct the organs and its’ channels dysfunctions.