Hui Meeting Points

Hui Meeting Points Theory and Applications

  • The Hui Meeting Points, also called the “Eight Influential Points” or the “Gathering Points,” are a special set of points which have a broad effect on their related area (i.e. qi, blood, vessels, bones, etc.).
  • LV 13 – meeting of the yin organs, SP Mu
  • CV 12 – meeting of the yang organs, ST Mu
  • CV 17 – meeting of the Qi, moves Qi in the chest
  • UB 17 – meeting of the Blood, builds blood, resolves stagnation a/or disperses heat in the Blood
  • GB 34 – meeting of the sinews, resolves stiffness a/or contracture
  • LU 9 – meeting of the Blood vessels, stimulates circulation, tonifies LU Qi, harmonizes the Qi and Blood in the chest, stops bleeding
  • UB 11 – meeting of the bones, any bone disorder, osteoporosis
  • GB 39 – meeting of the marrow, bone disorders, mental functioning, useful post-stroke