Herbal Formula

Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas are the classic herbal formulas groups of bunnies of individual Chinese herbs with specific functions, methods of preserving and dosage to compose the powerful formulas to deal with all sorts of diseases and illnesses.

There are thousands of classic formulas in the history and there are hundreds of the popular and frequently used classic formulas even in the modern society nowadays. They are powerful and safe to treat diseases, eliminate illnesses.

In each of the formulas, there is Chief herbs- Jun, Deputy herbs- Chen, Assistance herbs herbs- Zhou, ans Envoy herbs -Shi to compose a powerful army like team to fight and defeated diseases. These individuals soldiers like herbs support and strengthen each other to reach the best treatment outcomes.

These famous herbal formulas are so useful and popular that lots and lots of family would keep a few of them at home for emergency and safe. Like “Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan” the pills for fever and toxicity – for toxic fever, sores in the mouth and troat, sun stroke, poisoning and more. “Bao He Wan” the pills to resolve food stagnation and to relief over eating syndrome. “Si Wu Tang” The decoction to dispel blood stasis and tonight blood to use to regulate women’s period, to treat interior injuries and bruises. “Liu Wei Di Huang Wan” The six ingredients pills to tonify Yin and Essence for children’s late development and menopause syndromes of men and women. etc.

There are much more very well known and frequently stored at home Chinese herbal formulas on the market for people to purchase without prescription since they are natural herbs, safe to use without side effects. But anyways, to get the proper diagnosis of the diseases  and the accurate prescription from the licensed TCM practitioners still a better solution in every way.