Clinical Medicine and Treatments

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medical Care Based on the TCM diagnosis – Wang, Wen, Wen, Che (Observing, Listening, Consulting, Physical Evaluating) the classical oriental medicinal diagnostic techniques to personalize the most appropriate and accurate treatment plan to the specific individual to treat whose complaints, health conditions and diseases.


TCM Diagnosis may involve four main techniques

Pulse diagnosis and physical evaluation based on the combination of over 28 individuals subtle variations in the quality of the pulse are felt at six different positions on each wrist, combined with local physical palpation and physical functions and mobility evaluation to reveal imbalance and problems.

Observing is using the TCM evaluation technique to observe a person’s appearance, demeanor, and tone of voice, as well as the color, shape, and size of the tongue which provide the practitioners with vital clues about the internal health conditions and the progress of the diseases.

Consultation  is asking questions, information and gather the past medical history, present health, lifestyle and emotional state to understand the individual constitution.

Listening is to listen to the individual’s complaints as well as listening and smelling one’s voice and sounds and the smell of the diseases.

Chinese Herbal Treatments 

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine clinic prescribes high quality and strictly examined no heavy metals and pesticides free herbs from Taiwan Chung Song Jung herbal supplements factory. Which are GMP qualified and widely used in many clinics and hospitals in Taiwan, Australia, and countries in Europe and the United States of America. Dr. Mia specializes in applying drug-free physical therapy, Dietary improvements, and using 100% natural herbal products for pain relief on all sorts of new pain, chronic and stubborn pain in any location. We treat physical, psychological, gynecological, Dermatological conditions and Neurological, Cardiovascular, Metabolism related diseases with extraordinary results.

TCM Acupuncture treatments 

Dr. Mia’s Acupuncture Treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory – Dao (Yin, Yang) and Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) with Meridian channels theory (Qi, Blood, Body Fluid) combined Tungs’ extraordinary points theory and Muscular Anatomical theory. According to the individual disease progress and severity and depth, we selected the most suitable and powerful acupuncture points combination to cure the disease. And that’s why Dr. Mia’s treatments always so targeted and effective. A high percentage of our Patients reported outstanding improvement in every session.

Dr. Mia’s Acupuncture treatment is Painless and enjoyable. The majority of the patients fall into a deep sleep, feel relaxed and peaceful during the 20 minutes of needle retention. Our treatments not only curing diseases but also improving ones’ immunity and harmonizing whose body and mind.

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine clinic Only uses high-quality and qualified sterilized acupuncture needles to minimize discomfort needles sensation and risk of infections and maximize the healing result.

TCM Moxibustion treatments 

Moxibustion is one of our remarkable treatment methods. The heatwaves we get from burning AiYe herbal leaves can stimulate the function of our meridians. And eliminate the cold stagnant – toxic substances.

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine clinic Uses multiple forms of Moxibustion including Moxa sticks, Moxa grains, Moxa rolling tubes, Moxa boxes, Moxa chambers, and Moxa hot stones, may be combined with acupuncture needles or cupping or TuiNa massage to achieve our healing expectations.

TCM Cupping Treatments 

Dr. Mia’s Oriental Medicine clinic smartly using TCM cupping techniques to support other treatments like Acupuncture and TuiNa massage. Depend on the patients’ pathogens and construction, we customized a proper treatment plan which may use fire cupping, air cupping, or Medicine bamboo cupping. We may apply still cupping, slide cupping, flash cupping, plum blossom needle cupping, or acupuncture needles cupping. Numberless patients benefited from these magnificent pain relief treatments. It is also significant in resolving all forms of stagnation and detoxification.

Service and fee – South Africa

Medical schemes (2021 GEMS TARIFF)

Consultation and Evaluation

  • Initial consultation and evaluation

    • 16-30 minutes

      ZAR 425.20
    • 31-45 minutes

      ZAR 708.90
    • 46-60 minutes

      ZAR 992.30
    • Every 15 minutes beyond 60 minutes

      ZAR 283.50
    A precise treatment is based on a proper evaluation. The session includes Consultation, Examinations, Analysis Assessment, and Diagnosis for the complete treatment plan. An additional session with the suggestion and plans on improving diet, exercises, activities, social, routines, and lifestyle if applicable.
  • Re-evaluation

    • 16-30 minutes

      ZAR 425.20
    • 31-45 minutes

      ZAR 708.90
    • 46-60 minutes

      ZAR 992.30
    • Every 15 minutes beyond 60 minutes

      ZAR 283.50
    The re-evaluation provides precise treatment plans after a full course of treatments prior to the new course of further steps of health.
  • Personalized plans for a healthier lifestyle (30 minutes)

    ZAR 448.40
    The session collects the personal data of the lifestyle combined with the TCM wisdom of Longevity to plan up an enjoyable new lifestyle and routine for better and healthier lifestyles and quality.
  • Oriental nutrition (Diet) therapy

    ZAR 448.40
    Personalized dietary therapy is for improving the patient’s well-being and resolving health conditions by the specific dietary plan designed for the individual constitution.


  • Acupuncture

    • First Acupuncture Treatment

      ZAR 746.90
    • Follow up Acupuncture Treatment

      ZAR 683.10
    Standard acupuncture treatment works on the Meridian system to correct energy flows. It is effective on internal imbalance (Insomnia, Palpitation, Hot Flush, Night sweats, Wheezing And Shortness of breath, Sinuses, Migraine), Headache, Pain in different locations, and much more.
  • Acupuncture with Re-insert

    ZAR 1430.00
    The session works on 2 separate periods in one session. It can be the back and front side of the body with 20 minutes of needing retention on each side. Or one standard acupuncture with 20 minutes retaining plus the distal points acupuncture insertion with motive movement to relieve pain and increase mobility. It’s a more advanced treatment for more effective results for severe or chronic conditions.
  • Functional Acupuncture Treatment

    ZAR 746.90
    Functional Acupuncture Treatment is adapted by numerous ancient Acupuncture practitioners in China, the fundamental theory is to regulate the dysfunctional channels through acupuncture needles with active motions, providing a circulatory flow of energy and quickly relieving symptoms while the main cause is also addressed.
  • Facial Acupuncture Treatment

    ZAR 746.90
    Facial acupuncture has long-lasting effects and the prevention of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentations. The treatment works on underlying stress and internal conditions and local facial imperfection for a younger and healthier appearance.
  • Additional Cuppings

    ZAR 368.40
    Cuppings come in the forms of Fire Cuppings, Air suctions, Herbal Bamboo Cuppings, and Electrical suctions. They are selected by practitioners to use for improving different types of conditions and severity. Cupping is effective for acute conditions like strain, sprain, stiff neck, and all sports injuries and trauma. It’s been used for hypertension and stress-related conditions and anxiety with really good results.
  • Additional Functional Cuppings

    ZAR 646.90
    Functional Cupping is an ancient TCM technique adapted by practitioners, the concept of Functional Cupping is to target the stagnated area of the body and promote the circulation of the Qi and Blood flow, by placing glass cubs on the problematic areas and perform a series of body works, it improves the Qi and Blood moving on the Meridian and correct the blockage. It also helps the body to detoxify and increase metabolism.

    Functional Cupping is an ancient TCM technique adapted by practitioners, the concept of Functional Cupping is to target the stagnated area of the body and promote the circulation of the Qi and Blood flow, by placing glass cubs on the problematic areas and perform a series of body works, it improves the Qi and Blood moving on the Meridian and correct the blockage. It also helps the body to detoxify and increase metabolism.

  • Additional Electric Cuppings/TRI-P/US

    ZAR 992.30
    Electric Cupping/TRI-P/US combines the classic theory of TCM with the latest technology available, it provides static and consistant treatment pattern by utilizing the adjustment of suction cup size, suction strength, and the duration of the treatment. It expels the dampness and promotes metabolism, which benefits in weightloss, body-shaping, and detoxification. This treatment is also demonstrated effectiveness in unblocking Meridians through different treatment pattern.
  • Additional Moxibustion

    ZAR 430.40
    Moxibustion generates a better healing process and warms the Acu-points, channels, and collaterals for all sorts of stubborn conditions and coldness-related illnesses.
  • Additional Electro-stimulation

    ZAR 516.40
    Acupuncture with additional E-stim is a better and powerful way to move the stocked energy. It’s is effective in reducing inflammation and pain, speed up the healing process for muscle atrophy and hemiplegia. With the electro-stimulator, acupuncture can be more powerful for all astute conditions and excessive syndromes.
  • Additional Auricular Therapy

    ZAR 607.50
    Auricular therapy is using either herbal seeds or acupuncture needles to stimulate the corresponding points based on the theory of auricular reflexology. It’s extremely helpful for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Withdrawal syndromes, Hormone imbalance, Metabolic syndromes, and much more.
  • Additional Scalp Acupuncture

    ZAR 516.40
    Scalp Acupuncture is the application of acupuncture needles on the patient’s scalp to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments. It has strong effects on neurological disorders, neurological pain, hemiplegia, muscle atrophy, tremors, epilepsy, amnesia, and much more.
  • Additional Navel Acupuncture


    The benefit of Navel Acupuncture is to achieve harmony of Yin and Yang, it has been applied in specifically addressing the congenital diseases and autoimmune diseases. The fundamental theory of Navel Acupuncture derived from the combination of traditional Acupuncture and the “Book of Change” (I-Ching), Navel Acupoints are the connection points of pre-heaven and post-heaven of human body, which demonstrates effectiveness for inherited diseases.

  • Additional Dermal Therapy

    ZAR 343.60
    Dermal Therapy utilizes either seven stars needles or plum blossom needles to stimulate Acu-points or a certain cutaneous region. It’s excellent to resolve all sorts of internal and external winds, skin rashes, itchiness, psoriasis, hives, neurological pain, and much more.
  • Additional Points injection

    ZAR 800.00 (4 points)
    Point injection therapy has stronger and longer therapeutic effects to treat different types of stubborn and chronic conditions. It’s incredibly effective on Asthma, Seasonal allergies, Chronic bronchitis, Weight Loss, Chronic fatigue syndromes, Erectile dysfunction, and much more.
  • Additional Tuina

    ZAR 646.90
    Tuina medical massage is an indispensable healing art in Oriental Medicine. Tuina treats any joint pain, muscle pain, circulatory illnesses, over-stressed conditions, fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and lots more.
  • Additional Scraping Therapy

    ZAR 646.90
    Guasha is one of the remarkable remedies in Oriental Medicine. Guasha can remove the stagnation and pathological conditions from the superficial level of our body. It’s well known to treat sunstroke, Neurological Pain, skin conditions, tight muscles, joints pain, and lots more.
  • Additional Striking Therapy

    ZAR 992.30
    Striking therapy is an ancient method of health care that is vastly spread in China. It is the repetition of striking at specific parts of the body surface with the help of the striking tool until the “Sha” emerges to awaken the self-healing mechanism in the body.
  • Far Infrared Therapy

    ZAR 430.40
    Far Infrared Therapy utilizes the superficial thermal effect to improve metabolism and pain tolerance, promotes microcirculation, and relaxes tight muscles.
  • Herbal Thermal Therapy

    ZAR 516.40
    Herbal Thermal therapy is the assembly of the TCM meridian theory, TCM pharmacology, and modern technology. It blends the warming, far-infrared, and electromagnetic field benefits in modern technology, to induce the heating-release characteristic of the TCM medicine, which stimulates the Acupoints of the designated Meridians and provide cleansing, curing effects for the targeted channels. It assists in dispel wind and disperse dampness, nourish Blood and relieve pain, purge coldness and clear stagnation, which promotes metabolism and self-repair. This treatment benefits patients with chronic illness such as arthritis, respiratory diseases, chronic stomach diseases, gynecological diseases, pain and inflammation.

Cosmetic Treatments

  • Full Medical Facial Care

    ZAR 2999.90
    Full Medical Facial care completely focuses on all the areas on the face and adapts any beneficial treatments that will improve the facial condition.
  • Holistic Weight Loss and Body Shaping

    ZAR 3499.90
    The treatment packages work amazingly with the holistic approach to rebuild a well-functioning body. The treatment utilizes Chinese Medicine and its wisdom, combined with the equipment of the latest technology to stimulate the metabolism and improve the circulations. With no adverse effects or drug use. No battling nor weight regaining. Regaining shapes so healthy at the same time.

Herbal Remedy (Per Dose)

  • Herbal Tea Pill

    ZAR 10.00
  • Herbal Soft Tea Pill

    ZAR 15.00
  • Herbal Granule

    ZAR 70.00
  • Precious Herbal Medicine

    ZAR 280.00
  • Herbal Tea Bag (Raw Herbs a day)

    ZAR 70.00 – 280.00

Services and Fee – USA

  • Consultation 30 minutes

    $ 90.00
  • Consultation 60 minutes

    $ 140.00
  • Consultation (every 15 minutes beyond 60 minutes)

    $ 50.00
  • Acupuncture Treatment

    $ 400.00
  • Acupuncture Treatment with re-insert

    $ 750.00
  • Moxibustion

    $ 80.00
  • Cupping

    $  70.00
  • Dermal Needle (Plum-blossom/Seven -stars)

    $ 65.00
  • Auricular Acupuncture

    $ 140.00
  • Scalp Acupuncture

    $ 120.00
  • Oriental nutrition (Diet) therapy

    $ 130.00
  • Tuina Massage/Pressure

    $ 220.00

Herbal Remedy (Per Dose)

  • Herbal Soft Tea Pills

    $ 10.00
  • Herbal Granules

    $ 10.00 – $ 18.00
  • Herbal Tea Bag (Raw Herbs)

    $ 20.00 – $ 35.00