Channels Meeting Points

The meeting points of the channels have the special function to correct the flow of energy on both or multiple meridian channels which are much more powerful and beneficial for the patients clinically.

LU1 – Lu, Sp

LI14 – LI, SI, UB

LI15 – LI, Yang Qiao

LI16 – LI, Yang Qiao

LI20 – LI, ST

ST1 – ST, CV, Yang Qiao

ST3 – ST, Yang Qiao

ST4 – ST, LI, CV, Yang Qiao

ST7 – ST, GB

ST8 – ST, GB, Yang Wei

ST9 – ST, GB

ST30 – ST, Chong

SP6 – SP, LR, KI

SP12 – SP, LR, Yin Wei

SP13 – SP, LR, Yin Wei

SP15 – SP, Yin Wei

SP16 – SP, Yin Wei

SI10 – SI, UB, Yang Wei, Yang Qiao

SI12 – SI, LI, SJ, GB

SI18 – SI, SJ

SI19 – SI, SJ, GB

UB1 – UB, GB, SI, SJ, ST, GV, Yang Qiao, Yin Qiao

UB11 – UB, GB, SI, SJ, GV

UB12 – UB, GV

UB31 – UB, GB

UB32 – UB, GB

UB33 – UB, GB

UB35 – UB, GB

UB41 -UB, SI

UB61 – UB, Yang Qiao

UB63 – UB, Yang Qiao

KI11 to KI21 – KI, Chong

PC1 – PC, LR, SJ, GB

SJ13 – SJ, Yang Wei

SJ15 – SJ, GB, Yang Wei

SJ17 – SJ, GB

SJ20 – SJ, SI, GB

SJ22 – SJ, SI, GB

GB1 – GB, SJ, SI

GB3 – GB, SJ, ST

GB4 – GB, SJ, ST

GB5 – GB, SJ, ST,  LI

GB6 – GB, SJ, ST, LI

GB7 to GB10 – GB, UB

GB11 – GB, UB, SJ, SI

GB12 – GB, UB

GB13 – GB, Yang Wei

GB14 -GB, Yang Wei, SJ, ST,  LI

GB15 – GB, UB, Yang Wei

GB16,17,18,19 – GB, Yang Wei

GB20 -GB, SJ, Yang Wei, Yang Qiao

GB21 – GB, SJ, ST, Yang Wei

GB23 -GB, UB

GB24 -GB, SP

GB26,27,28 -GB, Dai

GB29 -GB, Yang Qiao

GB30 -GB, UB

LR13 -LR, GB

LR14 -LR, SP, Yin Wei

CV1 -CV, GV, Chong


CV3,4 -CV, LR, SP, KI

CV7 -CV, KI, Chong

CV10 -CV, SP

CV12 -CV, ST, SI, SJ

CV13 -CV, ST, SI

CV 17 -CV, SP, KI, SI, SJ

CV22,23 -CV, Yin Wei

CV24 -CV, GV, ST, LI


GV13 -GV, UB

GV14 -GV, 6Yang channels

GV15,16 -GV, Yang Wei

GV17 -GV,, UB

GV20 -GV, GB, UB, SJ, LR

GV24 -GV, UB, ST

GV26 -GV, LI, ST

GV28 -GV, CV, ST