Auricular Points

Auricular Acupuncture

Introduction Treatment using auricular points were recorded as early as 500-300 Bc, in the NeiJimg.

Disease of various parts of the body can be cured by needling the coresponding ear points, which promote Qi and blood in the channels and collaterals and adjust the Zang Fu organs.

The six Yang channels traverse portions of the ear, either directly or through a branch. The six Yin channels have no direct connection, but are indirectly related through their paired Yang ohannels. Three Extra channels also enter the ear: Yangqiao, Yinqiao, Yangwei.

Advantages of Auricular Points

*Application to a broad variety of diseases

*Easy manipulation of needle

*Economy and convenience

*Prevention of discases Quick and effective results

*Easy mastery of skills

*Little or no side-effects *Acupuncture anesthesia