Understanding different TCM treatments

I am one of the very few practitioners who entitled the Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in South Africa.

My patients told me that my treatment is very different to what they’ve experienced and are very effective. I believe that the precise diagnosis with the outstanding treatments combined with several different approaches are the key to succeed.

Below are the treatments I always practice:

針灸 Acupuncture and moxibustion is a perfect combination, it is the classic healing art in Traditional oriental medicine. Although they’ve been used often separately in the modern society, the effectiveness of using both is certainly a “one plus one greater than three and more”. We often use it for infertility, gynecological issues, arthritis, painful obstruction, poor blood circulation and metabolic syndrome.

中草藥 – Oriental medicine is the treatment that functions directly into our interior organ systems. It can treat all sorts of diseases and conditions in different layers and severity. From interior organs disorders such as heart diseases to gastrointestinal problems and urogenital syndromes; from joints and ligament issues to muscles soreness and skin conditions. It even shown great results in addressing mental, psychological issues. The wisdom of herbal medicine is the precious in Oriental medicine.

拔罐 – There are various types of cupping: fire, air suction and herbal bamboo warm cupping. It also involves with different cupping technique such as fixed cupping, sliding cupping, flash cupping, motive cupping, and wet cupping. When the problematic area is tender and painful to touch, cupping is one of the best treatments to relief the excessive condition after acupuncture. We the qualified and experienced practitioners will diagnose and select the most appropriate cupping form and technique to enhance the outcome of the treatment.

推拿 Tuina massage regulate the energy flow and the circulation of meridians, the channels and collaterals. From the outer most skin layer to muscles and sinews, joints, and bones. As a properly trained and experienced practitioners, we detected the stagnations or dislocated structures and incorrect distribution of energy and nutrients, different Tuina techniques will be applied to rectify the issue. The elite Tuina practitioners often combine Qi Gong into Tuina therapy for even better and prolonged benefits.

刮痧 – Scraping therapy is often applied while the conditions is more superficial. It is widely used in Asian households when someone experienced a sunstroke. We often use it to treat all kinds of headaches and facial conditions such as pigmentation, wrinkles, rough skins and more.

電針 Acupuncture with electro-stimulation is used to enhance the therapeutic effects on the chronic and stubborn conditions. It feels like massage but very effective. The frequency and strength needed to be carefully selected on different conditions and based on the personal constitution of the patients.

氣功 – Qi Gong is not something any practitioner can handle well in providing a good treatment. It requires lots of practicing and studying to comprehend and apply with combining different methods of treatment. Either of the practitioners or the patients, learning and practicing Qi Gong can increase vital energy, strengthen personal immunity, and promote the ability of self-healing.

頭針 – Scalp acupuncture has been strongly promoted since early 40’s. In our Oriental medical bible – “Huang Di Nei Jing” the yellow emperor book, dated more than 2600 years old, already stated how effective it is to apply the scalp acupuncture to address illnesses. I personally like to apply it with the combination of classical and neurological perspectives for the most beneficial results. For all different types of neurological conditions and pain, brain, and memory problems, applying scalp acupuncture can significantly show great improvement.

耳針 – Auricular acupuncture or the well-known battlefield acupuncture is the treatment I benefit a lot from. The auricular needles can be embedded on a few selected points out of hundreds of auricular Acu-points for several days. This treatment provides strong therapeutic effects every single second to improve and provide results to the issues that we are targeting at. Auricular treatment can be used to improve many conditions, especially for Pain, Insomnia, Hormonal imbalance, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, PTSD, Anorexia, Bulimia, Weight loss, Skin conditions, and much more.