Tongue coating microbiome as a potential biomarker for gastritis including precancerous cascade.


Achilles Shang Point  Dr Mia LAc MSc

Achilles Shang Point – I named it temporary is a pressure point I’ve been using for years and receiving really well healing outcomes. It’s on the Achilles Tendon, 4 cuns above Medial Malleolus. When we palpate along the Achilles Tendon upward with dorsiflexion, you might easily find an obvious depression and that’s the point we wanna stimulate. I’ve been using it to treat all types of low back and hips pain, sore legs, ankles sprain, plantar fasciitis and any other lower extremities conditions. It seems working really well.


On the Anatomy perspective, punctuating this point may penetrate Achilles Tendon, Soleus, Flexor hallucis longus, Flexor digitorum longus, and Tibialis posterior. Therefore, using this point to treat the associate conditions is understandable.


Based on TCM Meridian Theory, it is on the TaiYang aspect. Therefore, I assumed that it should also have the function to treat the TaiYang syndromes and diseases and TaiYang Meridians related illnesses. We are busy collecting more data on the actual clinical experiments to support my hypothetical theory on more functions and indications.


UB 55 in treating hip joint pain

Experience sharing: I’ve been using UB 55 to treat 67 cases of hip joint pain. Cases included acute and chronic (the most was 38 years), severity from 6/10 to 10/10, limited ROM and difficulty of weight bearing.

The results of treatment were amazingly well. All 67  patients were truly grateful for the improvements of pain and mobility. UB 55 for hip joint is worked the best while applying initiative exercise of movement and weight bearing while the needle inserting in the point with stimulating on the opposite UB55 for 5 minutes.